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Šarapatka Light Studio provides complete services for lighting- from development of a project to an assembly of lamps and their accessories.

Since 1993, we have been providing thorough service to our clients. So far we have implemented the lighting in hundreds of buildings. We operate on a wholesale and retail basis, particiate in major projects as well as houses and flats, shops, stores and restaurants and we are specialist on lighting for advertising space and on implementation of “high power” LED systems. We offer all types of interior and exterior lighting.

Šarapatka Light Studio always tries to find the optimal solution with an emphasis on customer ´s satisfaction and individual approach. We accept also the biggest challenges and most demanding clients.

We are ready to be an operational partner for you!

Our company is an official retailer in the Czech Republic for light producers: Bright, VISO, SG, Goccia, Holtkotter, TossB, Unilamp

 We offer the following services:

  • light-technical studies and calculations
  • architectural lighting design, interiors and exteriors – flats and houses, offices, representative areas industrial and retail buildings,
    exhibition center, restaurants and hotels, schools and educational institutes, sports facilities, hospital lighting neon
  • lights based on LED – lights with custom effects
  • specialized lighting systems – concert halls, theaters, cinemas, design and testing facilities
  • public lighting systems
  • Individual lighting solutions designing objects and spaces – gardens, swimming pools, parks, monuments

We offer services in the following areas:

Lighting advertising, LED lighting, LED tapes and lighting effects according to the customer’s wish, control unit.

Lighting of urban areas, roads, city areas, car parks, squares and other public spaces.

Specialized lighting systems for concert halls, theaters, cinemas, design and test rooms.

Technical studies and calculations for lighting optimization according to valid Czech and EU standards, designing activities.

Individual project solutions for illuminating objects and spaces – gardens, parks, swimming pools, monuments …

Turnkey services and projects for architects, expert advice on lighting solutions